Coffee Maker Components

Components of a coffee maker for brewing coffee.

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Constrained List
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Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
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Decanter Decanter or carafe is a glass or multi-layer insulated stainless steel carafes are common in drip filter coffee makers. Insulated carafes are typically more efficient, since less energy is required to keep brewed coffee warm. None
Electric pump An electric pump or piston is allows the brewing process to pump cold water from the water reservoir and injects it into the boiler under pressure greater than 100 psi. The pressure of the incoming water forces the hot water already in the boiler into the group or brew head. None
Grinder An electric motor powers a grinder to prepare whole coffee beans for brewing. None
Heating element An electric resistance heating element in the water reservoir is used to heat up water for brewing in drip coffee makers. None
Microprocessor A microprocessor is used to control various user-selectable product functions, including carafe pre-warming and automatic brewing start/stop timers. None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Steam wand Vessel in which a steam-air mixture is discharged to froth milk. Contains a conduit having an air admitting inlet and an air discharging outlet. None
Thermoblock A boiler or thermoblock are espresso machine components create hot water for brewing and steam for frothing. Non-pump machines use pressure from steam, which is generated by boiling water in a sealed chamber. In a thermoblock arrangement, the high-pressure water pump forces cold water into the thermoblock after it is preheated. None
Unknown Unknown None
Warming plate An electric resistance heater is used to maintain brewed coffee at a temperature between 160 and 190¡F. None
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