Generation and Storage Equipment

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Energy Generation and Storage Component

Component of energy storing, generating, or converting equipment.

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Energy Generation Technology

Technology utilized on the premises to generate non-purchased energy, including renewable energy that is passively collected. This includes energy collected from the environment such as air, water, or ground-source heat pump systems. Technology equipment may exist as facade systems and roofing systems. Technology equipment may also exist on a premises off of a building envelope including on the ground, awnings, or carports as well as underground.

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Energy Storage Technology

Type of energy storage technology

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Installation Status

States the status of installation for a generation and storage equipment.

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Rated Wind Speed

The rated, or nominal, wind speed is the speed at which the turbine produces power at its full capacity.

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Solar Thermal System Collector Type

Type of solar energy collector used in a solar hot water or space heating system

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Solar Thermal System Type

Type of overall solar thermal system

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Thermal Loop Configuration

Heat transfer medium and controls used for the solar collector loop

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Thermal Medium

Type of material used in thermal energy storage technology.

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Turbine Rotation Axis

The orientation of the line axis about which the turbine rotates.

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Water Storage Technology

Type of technology used for containing or recycling water

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