Building Energy Data Exchange Specification

The Building Energy Data Exchange Specification (BEDES) facilitates the exchange of information on building characteristics and energy use. It is intended to be used in tools and activities that help stakeholders make energy efficiency investment decisions, track building performance, and implement energy efficiency policies and programs. BEDES has been developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), with the help of the many stakeholders of the BEDES Working Groups, and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

More information about the vision, goals and future plans of BEDES are available on the DOE BEDES website.

The BEDES Dictionary Version 1.0 is a Google spreadsheet containing a common set of terms and definitions for building characteristics, efficiency measures, and energy use which can be used to support the analysis of the energy performance of buildings. Click on the link below to view BEDES Dictionary Version 1.0.

The terms and definitions in this BEDES Dictionary were taken from a variety of sources in order to be as complete as possible as well as being inclusive of the existing implementations that characterize the energy use in buildings. (See Related Specifications)

In order for the standardized terms and definitions of the BEDES Dictionary to be incorporated into different implementations, schemas will need to be developed for specific use cases by the appropriate stakeholders. This will allow "compliance" with BEDES, as shown in the
 "Compliance" tab in the Dictionary. 

We encourage all stakeholders to participate in the continued development and adoption of BEDES, and to provide feedback to LBNL as BEDES 1.0 is implemented. We also encourage all stakeholders to become members of the BEDES Working Group and participate in the Forum. You can request to become a member of the Working Group, or send general feedback about BEDES, by emailing